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Deli Roll with a Crunch


Yussi’s Deli Roll is a twist on the classic Shabbos food, filled with your favorite turkey and crunch.

For more great food, watch Baruch Hashem It’s Shabbos!



Flour your counter. Roll out the puff pastry dough. Sprinkle over sesame seeds and use the rolling pin to press the sesame seeds into the dough.


Squirt ketchup, Dijon mustard, and honey over the dough, assorted turkey or any deli you like, and the ripple bbq potato chips.


Roll up everything jelly-roll style. Transfer to a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Brush over the beaten egg yolk and top with everything bagel spice. Dance along and say out loud Boruch Hashem It’s Shabbos!


Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes.