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French Toast with Vanilla Butter


Slather this great vanilla butter on HOT French toast and have the delicious goodness melt in. Yum..


For the French Toast

1. Preheat griddle on high.
2. Whisk eggs, milk and sugar.
3. Dip the challah in to the mixture and quickly place on lightly sprayed with non stick spray griddle. If you wait too long the challah starts to fall apart.
4. Leave on griddle for a few minutes until lightly browned and then flip to cook the other side.

Notes: These can be served as is or with syrup, but I took it to one more level with the Vanilla Butter

For Vanilla Butter

1. You could blend these with a fork, but I used a hand mixer. Gather everything into a log and wrap in wax paper to keep. Enjoy!

Notes: This recipe was part of a series done using Bakto Flavors Products.