Recipe by Sina Mizrahi

Fresh Quinoa Salad

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These salads-in-a-jar are the perfect homemade mishloach manos if you’re looking to give something fresh and vibrant. They can also be enjoyed by a busy balabusta during the hectic day. The salads are conveniently packed in mason jars that you can collect or purchase cheaply. You can decorate each jar differently with bows and labels, or customize them to match any theme. Best of all, you won’t have to fiddle with cellophane. This is a classic, healthy salad that will please diverse palates. The sharp taste of the arugula contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the bell peppers, while the quinoa adds a boost of protein that makes this salad hearty, yet light. To round it off, the balsamic vinaigrette dresses everything with a tasty flavor.



  • 3 cups arugula lettuce

  • 2 cups cooked quinoa

  • 1 cup shredded red cabbage

  • 1 red pepper, diced

  • 1 yellow pepper, diced

  • 1 orange pepper, diced

  • 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced

Balsamic vinaigrette dressing




In each jar layer the quinoa, then red cabbage, then peppers, then red onion, and then lettuce.


Combine ingredients for the dressing and divide among four disposable salad dressing containers. Place the containers on top of the lettuce and seal the jars.


Quinoa expands to four times its size, so if you need 2 cups cooked quinoa, use a half cup raw quinoa.  



When you prep and wash your lettuce, be sure to dry it completely before packing your salads. Moisture will wilt the leaves very quickly.


Do not overstuff the jars – leave enough room so that the dressing can fully coat the salad.  


The salads will stay fresh for up to three days in the refrigerator, unless they are vacuum-sealed, in which case they can last up to six days.


You can add nuts and noodles to the salads to give them an extra crunch; however, be aware that if the nuts and noodles sit inside the jars for longer than one to two days they will soften and lose their crunch.

Fresh Quinoa Salad

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shan b1
shan b1
1 year ago

how many jars does it make?

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Goldy Admin
Reply to  shan b1
1 year ago

That depends how big the jars are!