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Gefilte Fish Fried Wontons


These wontons were a big hit and the talk of the table! Couldn’t have been easier with defrosted Ungar’s Gefilte Fish and readily available dumpling wrappers. These would be great anytime, but dare I say, Shabbos Chanukah anyone?


Yields: Approximately 2 dozen wontons


Prepare the Gefilte Fish Fried Wontons


Unwrap the defrosted Ungar’s gefilte fish and place in a bowl. Add seasoning and teriyaki; mix to combine. Batter will be sticky. Cover and refrigerate while preparing the dumpling wrappers.


Prepare two sheet pans with parchment paper. Dampen a few paper towels and set aside. You will need these damp towels to keep the wrappers from drying out. 


Lay out the wrappers on the parchments. Start with two dozen. Cover with the damp paper towels.


To prepare the wrappers: place one teaspoon of batter in the middle of the wrapper. Top with a slice or two of scallion. Keep the wrappers covered in paper towels while you fill the centers. Once completed, start shaping the wrappers by spraying with water or dipping your finger in water and wetting the edge of the wrapper. Fold and press to close. Squeeze to pleat the dough edge over three to four times. You now have a beautiful wonton! Continue with the rest of the wrappers, keeping them covered with wet paper towels.


Heat grapeseed oil on the stove until smoking hot. Reduce heat to medium. Place three to four wontons in the oil, using a slotted spoon, turn them over and over until golden in color, about two to three minutes. Drain on dry paper towels and continue until finished. Serve with horseradish dip (recipe below).


To serve warm, heat uncovered in a warm oven or warming drawer. Can be served room temperature.

Prepare the Horseradish Dip


Mix together all ingredients.


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Photography by @davidbeydaphotography