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Homemade Gnocchi in Meat Sauce


Submitted by rebeccalowinger


Homemade sweet potato gnocchi in a restaurant-style meat sauce


1. Gnocchi: Mash potato until smooth and add flour gradually until it forms a dough (don’t worry if you have to keep adding flour, it takes some patience!). Cut dough into smaller sections and roll each section into a snake. Cut small pieces and shape using the back of a fork, if desired. Add to a pot of boiling water until they float, then strain.
2. Meat Sauce: Spray a pan with Pam or olive oil and add diced onion. When translucent, add the garlic and cook until brown. Add the meat and chop into small pieces, until almost fully cooked. Add spices as desired. Stir in tomato sauce and a splash of red wine. Cook until sauce boils, then lower the flame and keep on heat until ready to eat.
3. Serve on top of gnocchi. Enjoy!