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Hot Cocoa Menorah Melt


Submitted by Neomi Saks


Prepare the Hot Cocoa Menorah Melt


Blow up eight of the balloons. Melt one bag of chocolate chips/baking chocolate in the microwave for two minutes.


Dip each balloon into the chocolate almost all the way up Be careful! The balloon will pop if the chocolate is too hot. Tip: put the bowl of chocolate in a bowl of hot water so it doesn’t harden while you work.


Freeze all the balloons. When fully frozen, dip again and freeze.


When the balloons are fully frozen, cut the tops of all the balloons. Carefully remove the balloon from the egg-shaped chocolate.


Here comes the fun part! Scoop out about two scoops of hot cocoa mix into each egg. Now add marshmallows, lentils, chocolate chips, and all your other favorite toppings!


Put a little of your melted chocolate into a piping or ziploc bag. Pipe a thin circle around the edge of an egg and plop a chocolate coin on top. Repeat the process for every egg. Make sure the chocolate doesn’t dry before the coin gets on top.


Melt your wonder melts and repeat steps two to six with your last balloon. Make sure to blow this balloon up a little bigger! (For the shamash).


Melt half of the second bag of chocolate chips. Cut two strips of parchment paper about 12 inches long and one and 1/2 inches wide.


Pour the chocolate on one of the strips and smooth it out with the back of a spoon. Place the second strip on top and press down lightly. Freeze on a flat surface for 10 minutes.


Peel the parchment off the chocolate and lay it down. If it cracks, put melted chocolate in the crack and freeze for two minutes. Lay out the candles with the yellow one in the middle on top of the log.

To Serve


Serve with the pitcher of steamed milk on the side (watch their faces!).


Everyone grab a candle from the menorah and place it in your cups!


Pour steamed milk into your cup, stir and watch it melt into hot cocoa. Yumm!