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Instant Pot Honey Teriyaki Pulled Chicken

Meat Meat
4 Servings Serving Icon
45 Minutes Preferences Icon


1. Add olive oil to the bottom of the Instant Pot. Add the chicken, soy sauce, water, honey, garlic, rice vinegar, ginger, and crushed red pepper flakes (if using).
2. Set Instant Pot to pressure cook for 25 minutes.
3. Release steam and open cooker. Remove chicken and pull apart with fork.
4. Turn the Instant Pot to sauté mode. With the lid off, let the sauce start to bubble. Then mix the cornstarch with water separately and add to the Instant Pot.
5. Whisk immediately very well, and then add the chicken back in.
6. Turn off the Instant Pot and serve chicken over rice with a garnish of sesame seeds or in a bun as a sandwich.