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Israeli Triangle Cheesecake


This is our favorite cheesecake, recipe given to me by our Israeli cousin Miriam who is in her nineties and lives in Nachalim, Israel. When my husband would visit when he was in yeshiva he said he loved it and she always had it in her fridge in case he came by. It’s a huge hit in our home with family and friends and we still make it in the triangle shape.



Lay out a piece of plastic wrap the long way, rectangular in front of you, more than the length of a narrow rectangular serving piece.


In a bowl, mix the pudding, cream cheese, milk, and sugar either by hand with a spoon or mixer until smooth. (Of course, Miriam uses a spoon, and I use a mixer!)


Lay out the tea biscuits on the plastic wrap, flat side up, three across. Line them up either three by six or three by seven. I count 21 crackers per layer. Prepare two layers.


Dip three biscuits at a time in the coffee. Do this quickly. Place them back on the plastic until you finish dipping the full layer. Once you have wet all the biscuits, gently spread half of the cheese mixture on them. Do this as carefully as you can so as to not break them.


Repeat with another layer of tea biscuits, dipping in the coffee first. When done with the next layer, spread the rest of the cheese mix.


Slide both arms under plastic wrap, on the outside of the “cheesecake,” and lift up to bring the sides together to form a triangle. When finished, carefully lift the cheesecake from the top and slide a rectangular tray or cardboard under the plastic wrap.  Finish wrapping up in the plastic and refrigerate for at least two hours.  Can stay in the fridge up to a week. Can leave it as is or top with powdered sugar, glaze, or chocolate shavings.