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Kale Salad with Fried Avocados


Submitted by Rivky Levy


I came across fried avocados at a restaurant and my obsession took over me. I had to incorporate this into a salad, I just had to. Its crunchy coating with a soft avocado center is just pure bliss in the mouth. I had to share it with family and friends, and so this kale salad was born. My guests cannot stop talking about this salad! Side note, I usually only make this salad at times that I can get the avocados right before serving because it’s that warm, crunchy texture that just makes people wild.


For the Dressing


Mix dressing ingredients in a cruet and shake well. Set aside.

For the Salad


Remove stems of kale and rub leaves with your fingers to remove the bitterness. Add the tomatoes and candied walnuts. Add dressing and toss.

For the Avocados


Prepare 3 separate bowls.


In the first bowl, combine flour, paprika, onion powder and garlic salt.


In the second bowl, whisk egg.


In the third bowl, add the panko crumbs.


Slice avocado into 1/8ths.


Coat in flour mixture, then egg and finally panko crumbs. Deep fry in hot oil 1 minute per side (until browned).


Arrange avocados on top of salad and serve.