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Keren’s Stuffed Chvorest


Submitted by Karen Levin



Crack the egg and put it in the bowl. Pour inside of the bowl the kefir, put in a pinch of salt, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, one packet of vanillin, one and a half teaspoons of baking soda, three tablespoons of sugar, and three glasses of flour. You may need more flour if the kefir is wet. You mix all of the ingredients up.


Pour in 400 milliliters of vegetable oil into a pot or a bowl you can use to deep fry. Do not heat it up yet.


From the mixture you made you should have a dough. With that dough, roll it up and cut it in half. With one of the halves, roll it and cut it into squares. There should be about eight. Then do the same with the other half. With each square, make a hole in it and take the upper side and put it through the hole. Take the lower side and the same. Do this for all the squares you have.


Now you can deep fry them. Put them in the oil for about five minutes. Do it for about two and a half minutes for each side. When you do all of them, take any stuffing you want and with a syringe put it in the hvorest. When you did all of them, put them on a plate and if you want, put some powdered sugar on them. You now have delicious (good for Chanukah) stuffed hvorest.