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Kids’ Cereal Pops

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To me, summer just has that “laissez-faire” attitude. My kid wants to stay up late to watch fireworks? All right, sure. A barbecue three nights in a row after hours in the pool? Okay with me. Popsicles for breakfast? Well, I’m not that cool of a mom. Until I gave my kid these pops for breakfast and she said, “Oooh, pie!” (We’re still clarifying how pie, ice cream and popsicles are different in her world.) That’s when I really became the coolest mom. She didn’t know that I snuck all these healthy goodies into her breakfast!



Kids Cereal Pops are pictured at top-right. Don’t forget to try the Fruit-Granola Pops (top-left) and Chocolate Almond Yogurt Pops (bottom)!


Yield: 6 pops


Combine yogurt and Fruity Pebbles in a bowl. Fill pop molds and freeze for at least six hours or overnight.