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Kiwi Ices


I think kiwis are one of the most colorful, interesting, and just delicious fruits in the world – at least, I think so! Opening one up adds such a splash of color to just about any fruit platter, salad or even…ices.


Prepare the Sugar Syrup


Boil sugar and water together, mixing constantly.


After it has come to a boil, continue to simmer it for 10 minutes on a low flame. Cool and use as needed.

Prepare the Kiwi Ices


Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Pour this out into a plastic container and freeze it flat.


After about four to six hours, while still partially frozen, put it into the blender again and reprocess it. Refreeze until ready to use.


Scoop into spheres and serve.


Photo by Reuven Ansh


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