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Latke Doggies


I love this for parties because it’s a fun finger food and all the kids and adults love it!!! You can also make it fancier by garnishing it with garlic mayo and some chives.


Submitted by Chaya Meisels



Heat the oil in a medium size frying pan.


Peel the potatoes and onions and place in a food processor. Using the S blade, blend together.


Transfer the potato-onion batter to a bowl and add salt and pepper.


Prepare two shallow dishes – one with the egg lightly beaten and the other with the flour.


Dip the hotdogs into the flour and coat. Then coat it in the egg and finally with the onion-potato batter. Make sure to squeeze out the batter as you work so there’s no juice in it.


Gently transfer to frying pan with oil and slip inside. Repeat with one or two more at a time and fry three minutes a side or until crispy brown.


Remove and drain over a prepared paper towel and enjoy!!!!


Stick any kind of wooden skewer inside and you have yourself a hands-free-of-grease latke doggie!