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Like Stuffed Cabbage


This tastes very similar to stuffed cabbage with minimal work. You can serve over your favorite starch or as is. It’s really tasty!!



Combine all sauce ingredients in Crock-Pot and bring to a boil on High.


Add shredded cabbage.


While sauce is boiling prepare meatball mixture. Form into balls and drop into the boiling sauce. Cook on Low for 5-6 hours or until ready.



• Freezes well. You might want to double the recipe so you have really good nutritious meals for Erev Pesach.


• When making chicken or turkey meatballs or burgers, try to chill the shaped mixture a couple of hours before cooking. They will hold together better and you can use less matzo meal.  You can do this the night before.


All crock-pots have different settings and operating features. Please adjust cooking times accordingly.


I tested this with breadcrumbs (and no water) instead of the matzo meal and it came out delicious as well. It’s your choice.