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Mike’s Brisket


Yom Tov is synonymous with meat, and in this case brisket. Getting that meat to come out flavorful and tender, though, is not always easy. Watch Chef Mike prepare this classic brisket recipe with a spice rub and a red wine glaze in his show Mike’s Day Off.   Check out our complete collection of Rosh Hashanah recipes for mains, sides, soups, desserts, and more inspiration for the holiday.


Cook the Brisket

1. Generously salt the meat on both sides.
2. Mix brown sugar, smoked paprika, thyme, allspice, orange peel, and black pepper. Massage dry rub into the meat on both sides.
3. Double wrap tightly in tin foil and then place directly into preheated oven at 275°F for about 3 hours. Begin checking for doneness at between two to two and a half hours.
4. Rewrap the meat and let cool while covered to ensure a moist end result. Pour off excess liquid into a cast iron skillet. This is the base of your glaze (see below). As it cools, the fat will rise to the top and you can skim it off.
5. Cut cooled meat across the grain in 3/4-inch-thick slices (or size of your choosing). Pack slices into the skillet.


Place a lined pan on the oven shelf directly under the meat to catch any drippings.


Let the meat cool for at least an hour before refrigerating.


1. Bring braising liquid and red wine to a simmer in separate pan.
2. In a separate bowl, make a slurry (equal parts cornstarch and water). The amounts for your slurry will depend on how much you need to thicken your glaze. Start with 1 tablespoon of each. Introduce slurry into simmering liquid by pouring in a very little bit at a time while stirring to incorporate. Add black pepper to taste. Continue adding slurry until sauce has thickened enough to just coat the back of a spoon without running off.
3. Spoon glaze over brisket, setting some aside to add just before serving.
4. Reheat in oven before serving.

Prepare the Squash

1. Begin by washing and drying your squash. Rub the outside of each squash with oil of your choice.
2. Roast squash at 275° to 300°F until tender and malleable to the touch.
3. Allow to cool until squash is easy to handle, or even better to wait until the following day.
4. Cut each squash in half and clean out all seeds and stringy parts.
5. Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Add pears or apples to top the squash.
6. Garnish with brown sugar or honey if desired. Reheat squash in 375°F oven until hot.