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Minced Liver Dish

Meat Meat
8 Servings Serving Icon
1 Hour, 20 Minutes Preferences Icon

Submitted by Sara Leah Heimann


My husband brought this recipe into our home back from his yeshiva days when making Shabbos meals in his dirah. We have tweaked it a little and can proudly say that we have almost 100% success rate for being asked by guests for the recipe after Shabbos. Everyone who tries it says it is the most delicious liver they have ever tasted. It freezes beautifully, its texture and rich taste are incredible, making it a staple Shabbos lunch appetiser in our household!

Serving suggestion: grilled peppers alongside Paskesz Onions-to-Go crispy onions.



Heat oil in a large pan.


Sauté onions in the oil over a medium flame for approximately 1 hour, until dark brown.


Whilst onions are frying, boil the eggs.


Once the eggs have been boiled, cool them in cold water, then remove the shells and set aside.


When the onions are ready, use a sieve to drain the oil. Reserve 1/2 tablespoon. Place onions in a bowl.


Cook liver with the reserved oil, sugar and salt in a pan on a medium heat for 1 minute.


Add liver to the bowl of onions and add the honey.


Combine all the ingredients with a hand blender until it’s a consistency of a paste.


Add the eggs and blend once again with the hand blender.


Heat the pan before pouring the oil in and it should take about a half a minute for the oil to heat up.