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Miniature Upsherin Chocolate Yarmulkes

Parve Parve
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2 Hours, 30 Minutes Preferences Icon

Submitted by Perele R


These kappel-shaped adorable chocolate miniatures add a pop of color to an Upsherin party. With a peanut buttery, hazelnut filling they taste delicious! The ingredients are approximate, depending on the size of your molds and the amount of miniatures you want to make. Feel free to use other fillings instead of slivered almonds, such as cookie crumbs, rice crisps etc.



Melt the baking chocolate in a double boiler. (I actually just boil up some water in a sauce pan and melt the chocolate in a small frying pan that rests on top of the sauce pan.) Remove from heat. Reserve approximately 1 Tbsp of the melted chocolate in a plastic sandwich bag and leave it aside to use later.


Add the peanut butter, hazelnut filling and ground almonds to the chocolate. Mix to combine. 


Spoon the mixture into the mold, taking care to smooth out the top. Carefully tap the mold on a hard surface to remove air bubbles. Freeze for 2 hours.


Meanwhile, prepare the initials for the kippah. Melt the bag of reserved chocolate in hot water. Snip a tiny hole in the corner of the bag and pipe the initial onto the candy melts. Freeze for half hour.


When the kippahs are ready and out of the freezer, melt a half cup of candy melts and pipe onto the kippahs the “seams” to create the 3-D look. Then dab on a bit of melted candy melts on the back of each initial and press one firmly onto each kippah. Refrigerate until ready to use.