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Miso-Lime Sticky Chicken Wings


Watch Danielle make these chicken wings in a flash here!


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Very, very lightly spray a baking sheet or two nine- by 13-inch pans with non-stick spray (I leave it out but they do stick just a drop).
2. Place halved wings onto baking sheet or in pans. Leave some distance between them so they have room to bake without steaming.
3. Stick them in the oven for around one and a half hours. Depending on the exact size of your wings they may take a little more or less time, so watch them towards the end. Once they are really golden and you can see the crunch, they are done!
4. While wings are cooking, prepare the sauce. Pour everything in a bowl and mix. That’s it!
5. The second the wings come out pour the sauce over them, garnish with scallions, serve and enjoy!


Every brand of miso is slightly different in terms of saltiness so before you pour the sauce on the wings taste it and adjust the seasonings and honey to your liking!