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My Go-To Tuna Salad


I am not one who beats myself up after eating cheesecake because honestly, I love the stuff. There has to be a balance in what you take into your body in terms of fats and calories, though. That’s why I love easy salads as a go-to after the cheesecake weekends.


This tuna salad is easy and is so light. It presents well and even kids love it. You can have it at a BBQ as well. Add hard boiled egg if you like. I kept mine simple.


1. Thoroughly wash vegetables and dice.
2. Prepare tuna by draining water and mashing with the back of a fork until completely flakey. Add mayonnaise and vegetables.
3. Serve on plates with sliced cucumber.

Notes: A hard boiled egg mixes nicely with this salad but you can omit it.