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Non-Gebrokts Gluten-Free Kneidlach


This recipe is a sure winner for those who refrain from eating gebrokts on Pesach or for anyone who prefers gluten free year-round. Finally, you too can enjoy the real look and taste of fluffy-as-a-cloud kneidlach! I love the surprised reactions of my guests when they see me serving my kneidlach on Pesach. Even after tasting them, they find it hard to believe there’s no matzo meal in them. One of my younger kids told a neighbor about our delicious Pesach kneidlach, which caused her to raise an eyebrow. She knew we were non-gebrokts eaters and wondered where the kneidlach fit in. She figured it out when I brought her over a piping hot bowl of chicken soup with my non-gebrokts kneidlach, and she’s been making them herself ever since.


Prepare the Kneidlach

Yields 25 kneidlach


In a large bowl, mash the cooked potatoes until no lumps remain.


In a frying pan, heat enough oil to cover the bottom of your frying pan. Scoop some of the mashed potatoes into the pan and flatten with a spatula. Fry until the bottom is golden, 4–5 minutes.


Turn over (it doesn’t have to flip over whole) and fry on the other side mixing from time to time until more or less golden on all sides.


Remove the fried mashed potatoes from the pan and transfer into a medium bowl. Continue to fry the rest of the mashed potatoes in the same manner. Let cool slightly.


Add the eggs and salt to the potatoes and combine until a slightly sticky mixture is formed.


With damp hands, form small balls and cook in boiling water or soup for about 15 minutes.


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