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Overnight Onion Garlic Dip


An easy and flavorful dip that takes only five minutes to prepare. All the magic happens in the refrigerator for this Overnight Onion Garlic Dip!

The trick to this recipe is using dry spices and then letting them rehydrate overnight. It takes a mere five minutes to mix this dip up. If you try to eat it immediately, be prepared for some odd crunchy bits! This dip is meant to sit in the fridge overnight, or at least several hours. Give it a final stir and voila…perfection.



Mix sour cream, kosher salt, black pepper, dried chives, dried minced onion. Set aside.


Sauté the minced garlic in the butter on medium until golden and fragrant.


Add garlic and butter mixture to the sour cream and stir well.


Cover and refrigerate overnight (or at least several hours).


The next day, simply stir and serve!


Goes great with some toasted pita or a tray of fresh vegetables.