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Passover Cabbage and Noodles


Cabbage and noodles are such a popular side dish, I decided to come up with a KFP version. I used Gefen’s new nut crumbs to give the mixture some texture, as the noodles are made from eggs. I’m telling you, it’s delicious. Try it for yourself!


Prepare the Passover Noodles


Beat eggs lightly with the water. Beat in potato starch and salt.


Grease a frying pan by smearing it with a paper towel dipped in oil. Place over medium-high heat. Spoon one to two tablespoons of batter into the heated pan, quickly tilting it so that the surface is thinly covered.


Fry over medium heat until set on one side, then turn the leaf over and fry a few seconds on the second side.


Turn onto a paper-towel-lined plate. Repeat, stirring the batter so that the potato starch doesn’t settle and regreasing the pan every second time.


Stack the leaves and roll up jelly-roll style. Using a sharp knife, slice as wide or as narrow as you like.

Prepare the Cabbage Mixture


In a sauté pan over medium heat add all the ingredients, besides the noodles. Cook for five to 10 minutes, mixing occasionally.


Add the noodles and mix well. Cook for another three minutes and then remove from heat.


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