Passover Tiramisu (Gluten Free)

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  • Cooking and Prep: 20 m
  • Serves: 10
  • No Allergens

Many people like to cook everything before yontif so they can relax and enjoy the holiday and their families. This tiramisu recipe is perfect for that because you can prepare all the ingredients beforehand, and then you can assemble it on yontif without having to bake it at all. Watch the video here.

Ingredients (8)


Start Cooking

Prepare the Topping

  1. Beat the whip topping with the instant vanilla pudding mix until stiff. 

  2. In a separate bowl combine boiling water, coffee, sugar and vanilla.

  3. Stir well to dissolve the coffee and sugar. 

Create the Layers

  1. Prepare a serving dish and begin layering by briefly dunking each lady finger in the coffee mixture and placing it directly on the dish. Repeat until the first layer is complete.

  2. Top with an even and smooth layer of the whipped topping mixture. Repeat with another layer of dunked lady fingers followed by another layer of topping. 

  3. Repeat as many times as desired, ending with a topping layer.

To Serve

  1. Dust the top with cocoa and serve immediately, refrigerate or freeze. All components may be prepared in advance and assembled just before serving.

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  • Sima Amsel

    Passover Tiramisu (Gluten Free)


    Can you freeze this dessert?
    Posted by Simdim |May 6, 2019
    Raquel Admin - Admin
    I wouldn't recommend freezing this dessert. I am not sure how the ladyfingers would freeze and if their consistency would change.
    Posted by raquel_kosher|May 8, 2019
  • Brenda Porter

    Passover Tiramisu (Gluten Free)

    Nut free lady fingers

    Hi, my son is allergic to tree nuts, do you know of any lady fingers that are nut free that can be used for this recipe? Thanks
    Posted by brendaport |January 10, 2018
    Chaia Frishman  - Admin
    Not offhand. It's a good idea to check the ingredients.
    Posted by Chaiaadmin|January 11, 2018

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