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Peanut Chew Bowls with Ice Cream


Peanut chews are one of those foods that most people really enjoy eating. Paired with ice cream … what could be bad?! Take a look at these four different ways to serve it (also see Peanut Chew Bars, Peanut Chew Ice Cream Pie, Peanut Chew Ice Cream Slices). Whichever way you choose, it will definitely be your pièce de résistance!


Peanut Chews


Cook the peanut butter, chocolate chips, Karo syrup, and water in a pot over medium heat, stirring, until chocolate is melted. Remove from heat and add in the rice crispies and chopped peanuts.


Line the inside of 24 6-oz (170-g) clear hard plastic bowls with the peanut chew mixture. (They don’t have to be filled all the way to the top.)



To Serve


Release the peanut chew bowl from the plastic bowl half an hour before serving. It’s easier to handle the bowl when it’s frozen, so I suggest that you put it directly on the plate you’re serving it on.


Fill bowls with scoops of ice cream.


Garnish plate with chopped peanuts, peanuts, and chocolate garnishing.


I suggest serving this dessert with a metal spoon as opposed to plastic, since the bottom layer is a little hard.