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Perfect Seared Tuna



1. Once the tuna steak is cut and dried, rub both sides with toasted sesame seed oil.
2. Fill a plate with a mixture of tricolored sesame seeds. Dip the fish into the seeds and coat generously. Handle minimally because every time you touch it, seeds will stick to your hands and create “bald spots”.
3. Heat an empty pan on high for five minutes. Cast iron is best but a regular pan will work as well.
4. When the pan is scalding hot, drizzle a little toasted sesame seed oil in the pan and add tuna. This requires your full attention – don’t walk away!
5. Sear for eight to 10 seconds, then flip and sear the other side for another eight to 10 seconds.
6. Transfer fish to a baking sheet or cutting board and refrigerate.
7. Once tuna is cooled through and through, it will be easier to slice evenly. Slice into three-quarter-inch slices. Use a sushi knife if you have one, otherwise use your sharpest tool in the shed.


Photos and Styling by Malky Levine