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Pesach Classic Potato Chip Schnitzel


The perfect, crunchy, easy Pesach Schnitzel, with only 4 ingredients, all of which are easily accessible. For more great ideas this Passover season, watch Pesach in a Pot!


1. Place mayonnaise in a bowl. Prepare another empty bowl near it.
2. In your food processor, using the S blade, process all bags of chips until they resemble crumbs. Do not over process them (they should not be a mush texture). Place crumbs into the empty bowl.
3. With gloves, shmear cutlets liberally with mayonnaise. Then pat each side of cutlet with crumbs (make sure there are plenty of crumbs on each cutlet).
4. Heat frying pan till really hot. Pour oil in and wait until it heats up (it should be extremely hot).
5. Place cutlet into pan and fry until golden brown. Slice it up and serve next to any salad or vegetable of your choice.