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Pineapple Sorbet Pops


This palate cleanser dessert was inspired by Rachel Ostroy’s Shavuos tablescape, where beautiful ice pops waited in champagne for guests to arrive in the summer heat. For those of us who don’t buy ready-made ice pops, we bring you the simplest and most delicious recipe with an all-natural flavor and soft sorbet texture.


Prepare the Pineapple Sorbet Pops

Yield: about 16 pops


Place pineapple, sugar, and lemon juice in a food processor fitted with the “S” blade. Blend until frothy, for about seven minutes.


Mix in pomegranate seeds or chopped fruit of your choice. Spoon mixture into ice pop molds and freeze.


Silicone pop molds can be purchased on Amazon, Ali Express, or at your local houseware shop.


Photos by Shoshi Sirkis
Styled by Eliyau Bachar