Pistachio-Mint Ice Cream

  • Cook & Prep: 4 h
  • Serving: 10
  • Contains:

Ice cream in general is the go-to dessert for when you want a cold, refreshing treat on a hot day. Adding mint to it takes it up a notch. Try this pistachio-mint ice cream recipe for a fresh and bold taste the next time you feel the heat.

Ingredients (7)

Main ingredients

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Make the Ice Cream

  1. Beat whipping cream until stiff. Set aside.

  2. Beat egg whites until stiff. Add confectioner's sugar and beat until peaks form.

  3. Beat yolks, vanilla sugar, mint extract and food coloring. Combine with egg whites, mixing well.

  4. Add whipped cream and mix thoroughly.

  5. Add three quarters of a cup of crunch and mix well.

  6. Pour into a 9- x 13-inch pan. Sprinkle remaining crunch over ice cream. Freeze.


Photography and Styling by Baila Rochel Leiner


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