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Pulled Brisket Latke Tacos


Your family will absolutely love this adorable savory dish! Combine an easy-to-make latka, tacos, and meat, and this is sure to be a hit! Be sure to make extra of the coffee rub to store in your pantry, it’s that good that you’ll want it for future meat and chicken dishes!


Prepare the Latke Tacos


In a medium bowl beat eggs until blended; Add the cold water and mix well.


Stir in contents of pancake/latke package. Allow batter to thicken three to four minutes.


In large skillet, drop tablespoons of batter into 1/8-inch hot vegetable oil and brown both sides. Makes 45-60 latke pancakes.

Prepare the Pulled Brisket


Place the brisket in a crock pot. (Alternatively, this may be prepared in the oven at 275°F for four to six hours, until it shreds easily when pulled). Top with onions and garlic.


Pour BBQ sauce over the top. Add 1/4 cup of water to the BBQ sauce bottle, swish and pour into crock pot.


Sprinkle on the coffee garlic rub and cook on low eight hours.


Remove brisket from sauce and pull apart with two forks until shredded.


Add a few tablespoons of cooking liquid to shredded brisket. 


Place a mound of pulled brisket onto the center of each latke, gently fold and enjoy!


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