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Roasted Ratatouille

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I tried this recipe early one morning before leaving the house, thinking I’d be ahead of the game and have at least a side dish ready for lunch when I’d get back. When I got home, I couldn’t believe that there were literally 2 tablespoons left in the bowl (!) and that everyone enjoyed the “nosh” I left them. That’s when I knew that this recipe was going in.


Main ingredients

  • 1 unpeeled zucchini

  • 1 red pepper, cubed

  • 1 red onion, diced

  • 1 small eggplant, cubed

  • 1-2 tablespoons Bartenura Olive Oil

  • salt, to taste

  • 3 tablespoons golden raisins

  • 1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest and 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

  • pepper, to taste


For the Ratatouille


Preheat oven to 450°F/230°C and lightly grease a large shallow baking pan.


Halve the zucchini lengthwise and then cut crosswise into ½-inch thick (1-cm) pieces. In a large bowl toss the zucchini and other veggies with oil, salt, and pepper, and arrange in one layer in the pan.


Roast veggies, stirring occasionally, until tender and golden brown, about 30 minutes.


Stir in raisins and roast three minutes more. Turn oven to grill and grill veggies for five minutes or more, until crispy looking.


Remove tray from oven and pour into a bowl. Toss with lemon zest and juice.


The vegetable cubes should be medium sized (not too small) so they are easily discernible, and don’t become mushy.
Roasted Ratatouille

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