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Roll-Up Deli Roll

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Submitted by Rita Landa


I needed a fast easy way to make deli roll when I get last minute boys coming for Shabbos in less than an hour’s time. No clean up time for me, as I turned hot dogs in blankets into deli roll. So yum and delicious. It’s individualized, which I love.



Defrost squares in refrigerator. I personally have squares in my refrigerator Friday morning as I am always expecting last minute friends of my sons.


Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray. Lay out the squares. 


Put cut-up pieces of turkey and pastrami in center of squares, then some sautéed onions, and last drizzle the honey mustard and white horseradish sauce around it, mostly in the center over the deli meats. Roll up like an egg roll and press ends down. Use a fork to pierce the ends. Last step is spray with oil well and add sesame seeds to your liking. Crispy and delicious.


Place in preheated oven 350 not covered and cook about 15 to 20 minutes until slightly brown.


In the meantime, sauté a chopped onion in frying pan till lightly brown. (Quick tip: I have chopped onions in the fridge most of the time, waiting to be used. Now you can buy the chopped onions prepared.)



Another time saver in a pinch is omit onions and use onion powder on squares instead. The aroma is heaven.