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Sous-Vide Steak with Sausage and Beans and Chimichurri Salsa


You can enjoy grilling season without leaving the comfort of your air conditioning! Yussi is back with his take on an indoor “grilled” steak. He pairs it with a stunning chimichuri and a sausage and beans side you won’t believe! Leave the charcoal at the store and break out your cast-iron! Grilling season is moving inside!


Watch the full video here!


Prepare the Chimichurri


Blend all ingredients except lime juice in a food processor, adding additional olive oil as needed. Add lime juice and mix well.

Prepare the Steak


Sous vide the steak at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for five and a half hours.


When finished, remove from bag and season with salt and pepper.


Heat oil in a skillet. Add aromatics to the oil. Sear steak in hot oil for two minutes on each side. Remove and let rest before slicing.

Prepare the Sausage and Beans


In the same skillet (do not wipe clean), place the sausage and shallots. Heat over medium heat. Add garlic, salt, and pepper.


When sausage and shallots have browned, add white beans and water. Cook until beans are tender.