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Spiced Beef Burgers


Chef David Blum of Hartman’s Fine Kosher Foods teaches Kosher Scoop readers how to make succulent and tasty burgers just so! The combination of spices with the ground beef creates an unusual but extremely tasty hamburger. You wont need too many condiments on this one, the flavor is all in the meat!


Prepare the Burgers

1. Place first six ingredients in a coffee blender and allow to blend to a fine powder.
2. Place this spice blend into a bowl with the next six ingredients. Mix well and form loose patties taking care not to smash/handle them too much.
3. Place on HOT grill for four to five minutes (depending on thickness of burger) with grill top open. Lower fire to medium and flip once to cook for another four to five minutes with the grill top down.

Notes: Keeping the grill top down for the second half lets a bit of steam help cook the inside of the burger. Remember, no fiddling with the burgers while they are cooking on the grill. The more moving, the more flavor drips out and the dryer the burger will become.


Chef David Blum is the Executive Chef at Hartman’s Fine Kosher Food. Hartman’s has two locations in Toronto and prides themselves with being “An Old-Fashioned Butcher Shop with Modern Day Sensibilities.”