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Spiked Mousse L’Chaim Cups


At the recent sheva brachos of my son and daughter-in-law in Beit Shemesh, I was served these delightful l’chaim cups between the first and second course. I immediately requested the recipe, and tried it out as soon as I got back to the States — they were that good! This is truly an appropriate and tasty recipe to use for mishloach manos; try any or all of these flavors and enjoy. L’chaim!   Yields 40 small schnapps cups


1. For each batch, follow the recipe using desired choice of flavoring, syrup, and garnish.
2. In a large mixing bowl, beat non-dairy whipping cream with sugar and vanilla pudding mix until stiff; add egg and beat until thick. Add flavoring of choice, mixing on low speed just until incorporated.
3. Add vodka and fold gently to combine.
4. Refrigerate mixture for 10 minutes and then spoon into a piping bag. Line shot cups with syrup of choice and pipe in mousse, ending with a pointed center. Garnish with desired topping and freeze. Repeat with as many flavors as desired. Freezes well.


You can send a few flavors of mousse cups lined up in rows in a box, along with mini spoons tied up on top. Add some chocolate-covered pretzel logs for your second food item, and you have a unique, gorgeous mishloach manos that can also be served at the Purim seudah!

Notes: Freezes well.


Styling and photography by Sina Mizrahi