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Summer Chicken Salad


Let’s call this summer in a bowl. The fruits combined with the chicken make a perfect meal. Quick and easy to prepare, this will become your summer go-to dinner.


For the Chicken

1. In a bag or bowl, combine chicken, dill, garlic, and salt. Allow to marinate for at least a half hour in the refrigerator.
2. Heat a frying pan with oil and fry the cutlets for five to seven minutes per side. Once cooked, allow to set on a plate.

For the Dressing

1. In a small bowl, place all dressing ingredients. Whisk until well combined.

For The Salad

1. In a large bowl combine the lettuce, mandarins, grapes, apples, nuts, and cranberries.
2. Pour dressing over the salad.
3. Slice the chicken cutlets and add it to the salad bowl.