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Supreme Kokosh Cake


Kokosh cake is the babka’s denser, richer, gooey-er cousin, another traditional pastry among Hungarian Jews. This recipe includes EIGHT filling variations, from chocolate, extra chocolate, and chocolate-walnut to raisin and cinnamon.


Prepare the Dough

1. Dissolve yeast in one cup warm water with half a cup of sugar.
2. Place remaining ingredients in kneading bowl. Add yeast mixture and knead very well for five to seven minutes. Set aside to rise for one hour.

Shape and Bake

1. Divide into eight equal parts.
2. Roll out thin and spread with desired filling. Roll up jelly-roll style.
3. Place rolls into the prepared pans. Brush with egg and bake for one hour.
4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease or line two 10- by 16-inch roaster pans.


Photography and Styling by Tamara Friedman