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Healthy Basics- Sweet and Succulent Chicken


We’re all familiar with the typical sweet chicken recipe that has ketchup, apricot jelly, onion soup mix and mayo in it. It’s delicious! Yet we all want a healthier version without compromising taste or texture, and without ingredients that we can’t pronounce, or that takes too long to prepare. I can honestly say that this recipe exceeded all my expectations. Chicken comes out super moist (from the tahini. Taste isn’t felt at all), gravy is thick, and all the ingredients meld together to make this the very best chicken I ever tasted. Honestly! My family had doubles, and guess what – I’m making it for Shabbos too!


1. Sauté onion in olive oil on a very low flame for at least half an hour or up to one hour, time permitting. The longer you sauté, the sweeter the onions get, but the flame must be low.
2. Meanwhile mix together the other ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Place the cleaned chicken pieces in a large pan.
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius) 15 minutes before the onions are ready.
4. Add sautéed onions to the other ingredients and mix together well. Spoon evenly over chicken pieces.
5. Bake for one and a half hours covered and half an hour uncovered. Once uncovered, baste two to three times.


Adding a piece of Gefen Parchment Paper over the tray of chicken, before putting the aluminum foil, will add even more moisture to your chicken.


If you skin your chicken, it’s healthier and the sauce permeates the chicken better.