Teriyaki Herb-Crusted Barramundi

  • Cooking and Prep: 35 m
  • Serves: 4
  • Contains:

I’m sure lots of you are wondering, “What is barramundi? I’ve never heard of that kind of fish!” Well, let me tell you, I was thinking the same thing half a year ago when I was standing in my local fish store and saw a sign that read, “Try our newest catch – barramundi.” So I tried it!


Barramundi is mild, a bit sweet, and succulent. It has almost a buttery flavor and a great meaty texture. Even non-fish lovers have tried it and really enjoyed it. This is my newest fish recipe…a great new addition to your parve dinner table!

Ingredients (11)



Panko Crumbs

Start Cooking

Prepare the Fish

  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F. 

  2. Rinse and place the fish fillets in a baking pan.

  3. In a small bowl, combine teriyaki sauce, orange juice, olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger to form a sauce.

  4. Pour the sauce over the fish and let it marinate for about 10 minutes. Baste once.

  5. Meanwhile, combine panko crumbs, parsley flakes, oregano, and basil.

  6. Sprinkle crumbs over the sauce-covered fish, making sure to coat well.  (Alternatively, you can dip the pieces face down into a plate filled with crumbs.)

  7. Bake for 20 minutes.

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