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The Ultimate Cholent

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Submitted by Family Mendelsohn


Born in the dead of a cold British winter to a group of desperate bochurim, then perfected in The Mir, this is the cholent that has accompanied us through shanah rishona, a couple of years in Jerusalem, and now graces our Shabbos day meal every week in the full and marvellous view of the Beit Shemesh hills.
There is no secret ingredient in this recipe, rather the blend of flavours combine in a spectacular burst of umami that will have your guests keep coming back for more.



Pour oil to thinly cover base of crockpot. Turn on high. Dice onion and add with a sprinkle of salt.


While the onion is frying, pour all the beans and barley into a bowl, cover with boiling water and set aside. Peel the potatoes (and optional veg) and chop into cubes.


Once the onions are sizzling and starting to turn brown, put in the meat.


Crush the garlic and add. Add a generous helping of soy sauce, a splash of beer, the tomato paste, mustard, and all the spices. Be particularly generous with the granulated garlic and especially the Moroccan paprika in oil, more cautious with the cumin and black pepper. Mix well.


Drain the beans and add. Add all the potatoes. Cover with boiling water. Mix well. The cholent should have a deep reddish colour.


Before Shabbos, add more spices, salt to taste, add water if necessary (Optional: Add sausages or kishke, or wrap kugel in baking paper and submerge.) Turn on low.