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Tuna and Salad Lunch Platter


So many people right now are making “sheet pan dinners” because they are easy and healthy. I decided to add to this with what seems to be big in Israel right now: sheet pan lunches or “magash” (meaning tray). There’s a well known cafe in Tel Aviv where everyone seems to go to that is especially known for this style. I’m not certain of whether they are kashrut certified, but their food sure looks great. I tried to copy their style at home.

This is great for a healthy lunch or Shalosh Seudah or if you want to have a meal outside on these in between temperature days. You can have personal trays as well, but this platter would serve four.


1. Take a tray and line with parchment paper. Place salads around tray, displaying each one separately. Add condiments around salads.
2. You can add whatever you like to this tray. Serve with crackers or wholesome wheat breads.