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Victoria’s Red Summer Salad


In the wintertime, this is simply my “red salad,” sans the watermelon. And though pomegranate and citrus are not summer fruits, as long as pomegranates are still available in one of my local supermarkets, and the citrus is still good quality, I’m not going to leave them out! This salad used to take a commitment of time, but it no longer does. See the note for my “cheating” method of supreming oranges.



In a bowl, combine beets, oranges, watermelon, pomegranate seeds, and red onion. It’s okay if it starts to bleed after you toss it; after all, this is a red salad. 


Dress with lime, olive oil, and salt to taste.


To “supreme” an orange with less work and less waste, first peel the orange with a knife, exposing the fruit. Then, slice the fruit into segment-sized slices with a knife. Don’t separate into segments by hand or the not-as-pretty-or-tasty pith will be exposed.