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Waffle Cheese Dessert


A traditional mix of sweet dairy, upped a notch with stunning presentation and all you can want in a waffle, you’ll find it surprising that you can create awesome in a few simple steps. See all of Mehadrin’s beautiful Shavuot 2023 recipes here.


1. Add all cheese filling ingredients to a bowl and blend with a hand blender until smooth, but still thick. Keep refrigerated.
2. To assemble, add a layer of cheese filling over a waffle, then cover it with another waffle like a sandwich.
3. Cut the sandwich on a diagonal to create two triangles.
4. Serve the triangles standing upright.
5. Drizzle sauces on your plate and place the waffle triangle in the center. Sprinkle nut brittle, chocolate balls, and chocolate bar strips. Top with whipped cream.


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