Get Your Copy Of Mehadrin’s Beautiful Shavuos Cookbook Here!

Renee Schwartz May 22, 2023

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Sponsored by Mehadrin

Mehadrin’s new Shavuos cookbook is officially out and we have all the beautiful and delicious recipes here for you!

All the recipes were created by Malky and Yossi Levine, and as you’ll see below, they outdid themselves.

“We tasted, tested, and tweaked, and used the Mehadrin products you love to create dishes rich with depth. The flavors herein are a pleasant excitement to your tastebuds; some unique, some classic, all fresh.“

You can download Mehadrin’s beautiful Shavuos cookbook HERE!

All Mehadrin products are proudly made in the USA.

1. Italian Risotto Balls

For the artisanal restaurant chef in you. Create high end with no extra sweat and make the statement you’ve always been wanting to with this crispy and tasty dish.

2. Flavored Butter Board with Garlic-Mushroom Confit

Kick off your meal to an interactive start with this eclectic mix of flavors, waiting to be enjoyed. Spread the joy!

Serve with some delicious, crusty bread for dipping.

3. Caprese Salad with Fried Mozzarella Balls

From simple ingredients to sublime flavor and crunch in just a few steps. Awaken those accomplished chef feelings when you get those mozzarella balls just right.

4. Mehadrin Cheese Fest

Novices at the board, this one’s for you! With soft cheeses as opposed to its hard cheese counterpart, you and your guests will enjoy playing around with flavor combinations.

5. French Onion Gnocchi Soup

This aromatic and heartwarming dish fuses familiar with current for a trending-now presentation.

6. Poached Pear and Feta Focaccia

This rush to the taste buds is deep in flavor, but not too daring for those who prefer a lighter feel. Prepared to impress the most discerning of palettes, you’ll find this delight worth trying.

7. Salmon Broccolini Cigars

Pretty presentation, mouthwatering flavor, crispy and buttery. These’ll be your go-to filler for an appetizer that’s a cut above.

8. French Spinach Cheese Crepes

Cheese and spinach lovers, take heed. This flavor combination will keep your appetites whet from preparation to culmination.

9. Waffle Cheese Dessert

A traditional mix of sweet dairy, upped a notch with stunning presentation and all you can want in a waffle, you’ll find it surprising that you can create awesome in a few simple steps.

10. Mocha Cheese Mini Mousse Tarts

Mini in size only, this piece of beauty is a flavor explosion in every bite. The greatest pair with your morning coffee, these impressive tarts are a cinch to prepare.

11. Maple Pecan Muffin Cups

Buttery and soft takes the cake here. Create a feast for the eyes with this delectable presentation, and prepare your taste buds for a surprise with this flavorful combination of ingredients.

12. Sandwich Ice Cream Log

A perfect way to wrap up a Yom Tov meal, you won’t break your back making this beautifully presented log. Easy and delicious does it!

13. Dairy Chocolate Babka with Butter Streusel

A twist on the familiar, this dairy version of traditional will get you rave reviews. A soft and buttery dough that is easy to work with. Fill ‘er up with chocolate, and enjoy!

14. Cheesecake Ramekins

Dress up the cream of the crop and impress your guests. Individually sized for the ultimate dessert, just leave the secret of what’s behind it between you and the minimal kitchen utensils used.

15. Loaded Cheesecake Jumbo Cookies

Here’s a description of the mouthful you’re about to experience: softbite cookie, rich and supple cheesecake, and chewy chocolate chunks. Hooked? Wait till you and your family taste them. Prepare the refills.

16. Butterscotch Cookie Cake Stack

Here’s a challenge. What can be better than a chewy, tasty cookie, a delectable cheese combination, and a how-did-you-ever-do-this presentation? Nothing, folks, but this recipe right here. Go ahead, and polish off slice by gorgeous slice.

17. Apple Crumble Cheesecake

Merge the sweet and tangy flavors of caramelized apples with a heavenly silky bite of creamy cheese. This combination gets bonus points for the crunch of the crumble in between bites. It’s heaven in a bite, only much better.

18. S’mores Ice Cream Cake

Prepare some more for the s’mores fans in your family! Enjoy a family activity creating a stageworthy cake that is fun and easy to make.

19. Mehadrin Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina colada flavor topped with an alcohol infusion that you’ll find right in your freezer. Drive away the heat with this refreshing and cool drink.

20. Hazelnut Truffle Shake

This rich and nutty piece of chocolate bliss is almost more fun to make than it is to drink. Quick and easy to put together, with optional wow factor toppings that kick it out of the traditional cake sphere.