Ashira's Bubby's Chremslach with Leek Confit

Ashira found her Bubby's handwritten original Pesach chremslach recipe and adds her own touch with a leek confit!
Chremslach are Passover fritters that can be made with matza meal or potatoes- Ashira's recipe uses potatoes (non-gebrochts). They are not difficult to make and have a real taste of tradition, updated with a modern twist!
Roll each chremsl in Heaven and Earth Veggie Crumbs for a perfect Pesach-friendly breading. What could be a better treat for your family this Pesach?

Get the recipe: 

Leek Confit Chremsels
 6 to 7 large Yukon gold potatoes
 1 large leek, checked and diced
 1 head of garlic, peeled
 Bartenura Olive Oil
 2 eggs
 2 cups Heaven & Earth Veggie Crumbs

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