Award-Winning Matzo Balls

There is nothing quite like eating a steaming, flavorful bowl of chicken soup on Friday night- and what's a good bowl of chicken soup without matzoh balls? Chef Yehuda Sichel is legendary for beating Bobby Flay with his matzoh ball recipe, and he joins Yussi in this episode to teach us how to achieve the fluffiest, tastiest matzoh balls ever! Whether you call it matzoh balls or kneidlech, you're sure to learn a thing or two from Yehuda and Yussi.

Get the recipe:

Award-Winning Matzo Balls
 220 grams Gefen Matzo Meal
 6 whole eggs
 80 grams schmaltz
 40 grams cold chicken broth
 1/2 teaspoon Gefen Baking Powder
 2 teaspoons salt
 1 teaspoon black pepper

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