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Award-Winning Matzo Balls


Chef Yehuda Sichel is legendary for beating Bobby Flay with this matzoh ball recipe. Follow the directions for the fluffiest, tastiest matzo balls ever! For more great food, watch Baruch Hashem It’s Shabbos!   Yields 10 to 12 matzo balls


1. In a medium bowl, mix the matzo meal with the baking powder, salt, and pepper.
2. Whisk the eggs, then add to the bowl with chicken broth and schmaltz. Gently stir the mixture until you get a nice consistency. Then place the mixture flat on a plate in the refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes.
3. Using a half-ounce scoop, portion into rough balls and refrigerate again for at least 30 minutes.
4. Bring a pot of chicken soup to a boil. Using greased hands, roll the chilled matzo batter into even balls and drop into the boiling soup. Cover and boil until cooked through, about 30 minutes.
5. Serve matzo balls together with the soup. You can also transfer the matzo balls to a plate using a slotted spoon, then freeze them.