Sushi Hamantaschen

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Best costume this year is going to sushi—they're dressing up as hamantaschen this Purim. Fill these with whatever you like—tuna, salmon, veggies, avocados— anything you can think of! Esty will show you how to make these simple—and simply beautiful—Purim treats! 


Get the recipe: 

2 cups prepared sushi rice
 1 package Sea Castle Roasted Seaweed Snacks
 Sushi Grade Salmon, cubed
 Marinated tuna (see below for recipe)
 Kani, finely diced
 Shelled edamame
 Carrots, finely diced
 Cucumber, finely diced
 Mango, finely diced
 Jalapeño pepper, sliced
 Toasted sesame seeds
 Spicy mayonnaise
 Manischewitz Creamy Wasabi Horseradish Sauce

Get the full recipe here!

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