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Rivky Kleiman

Rivky Kleiman is Brooklyn born and bred. She remembers being her mother's sous chef at a very young age. Her mother had attended culinary school before pursuing a career in medicine, which resulted Rivky's cutting edge, gourmet style. Rivkys creativity in the kitchen was honed during her mother's schooling. By the time she was in the 8th grade salads, baking and desserts were totally her domain. Rivky married and taught for many years as her passion in the kitchen never abated . RIvky co-authored the wildly popular Bais Yaakov cookbook and then began being featured regularly in Mishpacha magazine's Family Table. Rivky likes to classify her style as simple gourmet that is doable for all, no matter what level. Rivky resides in Lakewood New Jersey with her husband and family.