Rosh Hashanah

10 Stunning Simanim Cards To Buy Now!

Kosher.com Staff August 21, 2023

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Long gone are the days that Simanim cards that you printed out or picked up from the grocery store would do.


Today, Instagram is full of beautiful Simanim cards that artists, bloggers, Judaica boutiques, and crafters are creating. It’s hard to scroll through all the beautiful designs and not have some for your own Rosh Hashanah seder.


That’s why we’re sharing our favorites with you below. Each design is unique and beautiful in its own way. Some are more classic, while others more colorful, but all will enhance your table for years to come.


Order quickly! Rosh Hashanah is only a couple of weeks away.


1. The Classic


In recent years, Yaeli, from Yaeli Fine Art, has made a name for herself in the art world. She creates masterpieces we all want in our homes, from challah covers to Haggadahs, benchers to Simanim cards! We just love the colors and watercolor effects of these cards. They are colorful yet sleek and will match almost any tablescape!



2. Raised Tray


We love going all out searching stores for the perfect tray and bowls for a beautiful Simanim display. But when Waterdale does it for us, we accept immediately. These trays are raised, making them stunning and practical. They can be wiped down easily, come with the cutest little honey dish (no more passing the sticky honey dish around the table), and can be placed over your plate, saving space in the middle of the table. We just love these.



3. Lucite Simanim Card with Leatherette Tassel


Looking for a chic and stylish card? Just look at that tassel. The shape, the materials, this is all around an amazing choice. It can be dressed up or down and matches with any table decor. This is hands down one of our favorites on this list.



4. Deckled Edge with Pomegranates


This Simanim card is like no other on this list. It has a deckled edge, giving it an earthy, breezy, almost historic vibe, which is perfect for Rosh Hashanah. It’d be stunning on a more understated table, but can also be used for that subtle finishing touch a more extravagant one may need.



5. Pictorial Design


This set comes with 4 different designs, but you can choose which ones you like best. We happen to love the “pictorial” design. The green is just lovely, and is the perfect color for this time of year where we transition from summer to fall. The colorful graphics are bright and tasteful, and we love how easy they are to read. Overall the simplicity, the colors, and understated beauty is a winner for us.



6. Honey Comb


Giving a shout-out to some local artists is something we love to do. New Leaf Judaica creates some extraordinary work including these Simanim cards. They are made on what feels like silky smooth paper, with details everyone will admire.



7. Gold Painted


Golds are a no-brainer on Rosh Hashanah. Between the golden challahs, all the golden honey, and often time gold details on vases, tablecloths, or napkin rings, these cards complete that look. We also love the lucite finish, which makes wiping away stains a breeze. 



8. Color It Acrylic


These Simanim cards are so unique, which is why we love them! You can leave them as is, or use a permanent marker to color them in! Perfect for both adults and kids!



9. Black and Gold


Another Esty shop we admire is romilipo. This design has a modern and sleek look. If you’re tired of all the lucite and delicate looks out there, then this one is a nice change! And at just $20, it’s a great option to keep in rotation for years to come.



10. Blue Flowers


Oh hey, Yaeli! It’s no surprise that we had to feature another design from Yaeli Fine Art. You know our thoughts on this amazing artist — we just love this blue, so we had to add it, too.