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12 Super Simple and Nutritious Supper Ideas

12 Super Simple and Nutritious Supper Ideas

Have you heard of our cooking show, Supper, Again? Rena from No Way That’s Healthy teaches us how to make simple and nutritious dinners in every episode. With easy-to-find ingredients, hacks, and minimal steps, you can have a full dinner on the table in no time!


Take a look at the episodes below, and check back for a new series of episodes coming soon.


  1. Cornbread-Topped Vegetarian Chili
    What do you serve if you don’t want dairy or meat for dinner? Rena’s one-pan cornbread-topped chili is a delicious parve dinner with an added secret ingredient for some extra protein. This is a full meal in a pan and it’s a little different than usual- enjoy!

  2. Ground Meat Fajitas
    Rena is teaching us how to make the most outrageous ground meat fajitas from start to finish. Enjoy some charred tortillas filled with perfectly spiced fajita meat, pico de gallo, and a cool, creamy avocado spread. This meal is a 10/10 and we’re sure your entire family will agree!

  3. Crispy Salmon with Broccoli and One-Pot Creamy Pasta
    One-pot creamy pasta plus crispy topped salmon and broccoli is what Rena is teaching us to make this episode! This is a full and satisfying meal that everyone will love.

  4. Vegetable Lentil Soup with Quick Focaccia
    Some nights we just need a simple 9-Day meal. Rena is sharing her hearty, vegetable lentil soup and homemade Foccacia. That’s right, homemade, but no worries it’s a quick rise, no-knead recipe that only takes minutes to prepare.

  5. Lazy Chicken Wings with Yellow Rice & Cucumber Salad
    Ever hit the dinner jackpot? With these easy, crispy chicken wings your family will keep coming back for more. Serve it with delicious yellow rice and a fresh cucumber salad and the meal is complete!

  6. One-Pot Chicken Lo Mein

    One pot is all you need for a quick weeknight supper! Make it your own by adding any vegetables you enjoy. Use more if you love veggies!


    This meal can easily be halved if you need a smaller amount. 

  7. Simple Shawarma Supper
    Rena’s kids love shawarma, so she went on a mission to re-create the best homemade version. With this amazing kitchen gadget, you’ll have shawarma on the table in no time. Serve with French fries and Israeli salad and dinner is all set!

  8. Sushi Bowl Supper
    You’ll be surprised how easy it is to prepare this delicious sushi supper. The best part – everyone can choose what they put in their bowl and they serve themselves! Feel free to add other items you’d like to your bowls such as shredded carrots, fresh mango, edamame, or cooked and cubed sweet potato. The options are endless!

  9. One Pan Chicken and Root Vegetables
    Sometimes you just need to get dinner on the table and there is no better way then with this one-pan chicken dish. The chicken is fall-off-the bone good and the veggies are incredible flavorful. Making this dish a true keeper!

  10. Shortcut Breaded Wings with Top Secret Oven Mashed Potatoes
    Rena shows us a shortcut version of how to make shortcut breaded wings (no 3 bowls needed!) and her top-secret oven mashed potato recipe. With easy to find ingredients and minimal steps, you can have a full dinner on the table in no time!

  11. One-Pot Meatball Dinner
    On this episode of Supper, Again? Rena is making an incredibly delicious and easy dinner that EVERYONE will enjoy. In under one hour you’ll have an amazing and good-for you supper on your table!

  12. Baked Pretzel Crumb Fish Sticks with Cheesy Potatoes and Peppers
    We are so excited to share with you another episode of “Supper, Again?” Rena’s children were fighting over who gets the last piece of these delicious Maple-Mustard Pretzel Crusted Fish Sticks with a dipping sauce. We all know everything is better with a dipping sauce! She serves it with shortcut oven-baked cheesy potatoes and roasted mini peppers. A complete meal that’s easy and delicious for the whole family!